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7 Socially Conscious Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Ruby Tan
This Mother’s Day, give Mum a gift that doesn’t cost the earth and, in fact, helps it. Be inspired by Asia for Good’s socially conscious gift guide – all lovingly made by social enterprises from across the region.

1. Saomao Apsara Earrings (Cambodia)

apsara earrings

Hi Marie!

A big Thank You from me for all your help for the article.



This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue of Smile magazine.

written by Loven Ramos


Shop without the guilt at Sao Mao, a Siem Reap social enterprise providing a means of livelihood to Cambodians who survived the Khmer Rouge regime
The Sao Mao shop in Siem Reap’s Old Market area is a treasure trove of gorgeous handcrafted jewelry, accessories, fabrics and collectible curiosities. Many of those who fall for their merchandise might not realize the products’ beauty is more than skin deep. Sao Mao is owned by a British expat, Marie Hill. She works with impoverished villagers, home-based producers and artisans who survived the Khmer Rouge regime to help revive traditional craftsmanship with contemporary appeal — a project which she started in 1992 after engaging with Cambodians in a refugee camp.

Seamlessly merging creativity with a social conscience, Sao Mao provides not just wearable pieces of art but also an opportunity to take part in Cambodia’s ongoing healing process. Among the notable products available at Sao Mao is Ammo — a line of jewelry handmade from recycled brass bullet casings. The woman behind the brand is Madeline Green, an accessories designer from England.

Bullet casings were originally refashioned by locals into cowbells after the war. Artisans use the same technique to handcraft each of Madeline’s designs.

“In our Siem Reap workshop we melt bullets, and hand-form them into brass sheet and wire,” explains the designer. “It transforms a negative metal into a positive, wearable design. By teaching young people and encouraging creativity, disadvantaged Cambodians can have a career as well as a sustainable future.”

Sao Mao, St 9 (opposite the Old Market); +44 7852 741 274; saomao.com.


Page 119 Fah Thai in flight magazine
Why I Live In Siem reap, An article of the word –  Marie Hill

Fah Thai is a bi-monthly magazine that appeals to the mostly European passengers of Bangkok Airways, Asia’s only ’boutique airline’ and Thailand’s second biggest carrier. Produced in both English and Thai, the magazine is a high end, glossy publication that focuses mostly on travel, culture and lifestyle. Destinations covered include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui (exclusive to Bangkok Airways), Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, Sukhothai (exclusive to Bangkok Airways!), Trat (exclusive to Bangkok Airways!), Guilin, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Jinghong, Luang Prabang, Maldives, Phnom Penh, Shenzhen, Siem Reap, Singapore, Xi’an, Yangon and Zhenzhou.

For two years running passengers from around the world voted Bangkok Airways the Skytrax “Best Regional Airline – Asia”. With over 500,000 readers per issue, Fah Thai provides a unique environment to reach a unique, affluent and captive audience.

 1277277_653272638025451_1418446428_o 10506952_754637321252226_5265908621865540767_o 11143387_844006988981925_8114842975647581092_o Made-in-Cambodia-Market-3-e1448452219734 10381671_775918589124099_2135067626368967037_o

Shinta Mani Market

Report from Cambodia

Shinta Mani Resort Siem Reap Cambodia, voted 3rd best hotel in the world in the 2015 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards.

Saomao has a stall twice a week at the Shinta mani resort – Made in Cambodia Market
The event which is held in the grounds of the Shinta Mani Resort is free and open to the public each Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday from 4pm to 9pm.

Made in Cambodia brings together the most exciting examples of craftsmanship in Cambodia today. Internationally recognised artisans and designers participating include Eric Stocker Laque & Textures, Saomao, Grace Gecko Creations, Rehash Trash, Friends Intl and more.

Visitors attending the market will have the opportunity to purchase fine quality artisanal products and luxury goods that redefine what it means to be made in Cambodia today. Each item for sale has been produced by a new generation of talented Cambodians. The greatest benefit of the Well Made in Cambodia Market will be to these Cambodians, including many in need, through both direct income and skills development.

Live entertainment, artist workshops and wholesale food will round out the market’s festive and diverse offerings. Shinta Mani (The Hotel) doesnt earn an income from this market and none of the stallholders pay any form of commissions on their sales

Untitled design

UO Magazine, the inflight magazine for Hong Kong Express. the article starts on page 43 and runs from Aug to Oct.


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Report from Cambodia (3)

The studio is upstairs at the Barrow Centre. Opening times: Open most days 12pm to 4pm.


Report from Cambodia (2)



Saomao sterling silver, brass( recycled bullet shells) & costume jewellery10984522_578732282230134_1279746964394826685_o


Saomao. Credit Hannah Reyes for The New York Times

Founded and run by British-born Marie Hill, this shop trains, employs and supports Cambodian crafts people, stocking mostly Cambodian-made textiles and jewelry. Silver filigree pendants ($18 to $45) depict a flame motif found in ancient Khmer temples. Another Briton, the jeweler Madeline Green, sells her new Ammo brand here, delicate contemporary jewelry made from recycled brass bullet caps and silver ($7 to $75).

008 Street 9, Old Market area; 855-63-761-224;



Rebirth Tokyo By

Miwa Katsuana

前回行われた説明会以降いろいろな方にアドバイス頂き、企画の今後の進め方、問題点などを改めて見直し、このREBIRTHプロジェクトを再スタートさせる事となりました。Force of Angelsさんと一緒にさせていただいた、クラウドファインディングは今日で終りになります。応援頂いた皆さん目標金額まで達成せず本当に申し訳有りません。ですが、企画や商品には自信を持っています。今後の展開の仕方をきちんと考え先に進めて行こうと思っています。今後ともご支援宜しくお願い致します。




Why you should stay longer in Siem Reap
Nearby, you’ll find a shop called Saomao,
which is bursting with gorgeous jewellery,including Ammo pieces designed by Madeline Greene.







Join Canadian Friends of Angkor Hospital for Children for an evening of fine wines and good friends in support of high-quality health care.

Auction of items including Saomao bracelets) to raise funds for the Angkor childrens hospital

For More information please visit: www.ttwvan.com.

Heritage Suites in collaboration with Saomao and Ammo Jewelry Design will launch an exclusive collection of traditional and contemporary set of handcrafted jewelry from recycled brass bullets on Thursday April 3, 2014 during the Jazz in the City, happy hours from 7pm to 10pm at the Heritage Lounge, Siem Reap.

Recycling bullets is maybe an unusual idea in the west, but in Cambodia, using all kinds of scrap metal, re-working and recycling it for a second life is well known. After the war, local people had to try to find innovative ways to earn a living to rebuild their lives, farms and businesses. At that time, Cambodians were collecting bullets from the countryside to make cowbells. These days, visitors and expats have a wonderful choice of innovative and stylish ways to accessorize their style, in a way that also helps promote fair-trade practices, and supports the development of Cambodia.

Saomao Social Enterprise assists local artisans to create unique, Cambodian art and design, and hand-crafted products. The group is also seeking sustainable solutions to long-term poverty. For the last two years, Ammo designer, Madeline Green has been working alongside Saomao owner Marie Hill, exchanging skills and ideas from the west, and combine them with local traditional techniques and tools (such as foot-powered bellows, hand-made soldering torches and a crucible).


Katlin and Sokim


The Heritage suites, Siem Reap Cambodia

Heritage collection fashion shoot – Saomao social enterprise is a fair trade shop in Siem Reap ,Saomao makes unusual jewellery with recycled bullets Saomao made a collection along with ammo for the Heritage suite Hotel . Katlin and Sokim modelled the jewellery for me, Thanks to the Heritage collection Saomao now has one of the photos in fashion Lab magazine Phnom Penh Cambodia