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Silver Jewellery

Saomao designs and makes a beautiful and exclusive collection of handmade, sterling silver jewellery in both classic and contemporary styles.  We’re passionate about the quality of our jewellery  and all of our silver jewellery is handmade by our own expert Cambodian artisans.  

Bronze smithing started in the region from about 1000 to 1 BC,  since then a traditional jeweller’s tools  have changed very little and  jewellers today would be hard pressed to replicate some of those pieces  even if they used some of the advanced the technologies today.

Our jewellers do not need to meet targets, they work at their own pace and enjoy their trade. Their pieces are often intricate taking hours to make and we design our own patterns for the  stamps which we hand punch our pieces. 


Chinese coin style pendant

Sterling silver pendants inspired by the the shape of Chinese coins, the hand punched patterns are all different and unique.

Tribal pendants

Sterling silver hand punched patterns Khmer pendants with suede neck cords. Inspired by architectural patterns.

Cherry tree flower pendant

Sterling silver hand filagree pendant inspires by the Japanese cherry tree.

Patterned tubular pendant

Traditional Khmer tubular patterned pendant.

Tubular Pendant

Sterling silver pendant and chain, traditional Khmer style.

Tribal square earrings

Hand punched and patterned tribal style sterling silver earrings.

Silver square

Hand made and hand drilled simple sterling silver square earrings.

Apsara earrings

Apsara earrings hand cut sterling silver earrings, the pattern is taken from the motive of a jasmine flower worn by the apsara dancers in South east Asia.